The Top Norwegian Online Gambling Sites and the Impact of DNS Blocking

Norwegian Casinos Certified by the European Union
When it comes to gambling, Norway’s regulations are among the toughest in Europe. Part of the reason for this is the country’s history of dealing with an influx of compulsive gambling habits. In order to address this, the government outlawed the majority of gambling activities.

Norway now has video terminals that are comparable to slot machines where you bc game apk can play the lottery, wager on horse races, and more. But as Norway does not have any brick-and-mortar gambling establishments, there are no Norwegian casinos that provide their services online.

One of Norway’s two state-owned gambling organizations, Norsk Tipping, has the legal authority to establish internet gaming services within the nation. Actually, they’re the only ones doing business in this field. So, you might be asking, “Where can I play online slots for real money in Norway?” Can you tell me where Norwegian gamers can play without fear?

Using International Online Gambling Sites in Norway
As a result of Norway’s stringent gambling rules, many players have turned to offshore operators to place their wagers. This is relevant not only to online slot machines and casino games, but also to sports betting. Despite local laws, Norwegians have found a way to keep betting, thanks to 10cric app download nearby nations like Sweden that provide plenty of internet gaming.

Norwegians have had easy access to this, even if it is not legally binding. Other regulated casinos in the European Union target Norwegian players through televised sporting events and accept the Norwegian Krone as payment. Norsk bank krone deposits were also accepted.

But things have changed lately. Bank transfers from Norwegian accounts to offshore gambling sites are now illegal. Despite this, Norwegian gamblers have figured out ways to circumvent the system, some of which are detailed in our online gambling guide specifically for Norwegian players.

The majority of Norwegian sports bettors use non-bank payment methods, such as e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, to fund their accounts with offshore bookmakers. But with the DNS blocking resolution in place, this may become even more of a challenge.

Can Norwegian Players Play Safely With DNS Blocking?
Starting in October 2023, a new measure has been introduced in the Norwegian legislature that will mandate DNS blocking as a means for internet providers to prevent users from accessing overseas gambling websites. Many Norwegian gamers are anxious that they will soon lose access to their favorite online casinos.

But there’s good news. The bill is now in the discussion phase after receiving cabinet approval, but it still has a long way to go before it becomes law, assuming it ever happens. If everything goes according to plan, it will undergo preliminary and final reviews before becoming law.

Since not everyone shares Norway’s firm view against gambling, there is a possibility that this proposal will face opposition. Example: “The proposal means that the Swedish Lottery Authority can order internet providers to carry out DNS blocking of websites that offer gambling that is aimed indibet apk at the Norwegian market without permission.” One example is the reference to Sweden in the summary of Prop. 6 L (2023-2024).

The authors of the plan recognize in this section that Norway’s market is being conquered by other countries offering online gaming. Because of the prohibition on unlicensed gambling, they have actually spawned a black market.

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